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LibAnalytics: Numerical Analysis, Kapow!

We’ve added a new tool to the LibAnalytics data arsenal – Numerical Analysis! It’s perfect for answering these types of questions: On average, how many people use your study rooms after 3pm on Thursdays? In July, how many people were in the building before 10am? What are the total and…

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LibAnalytics: Customization Galore!

Last week we introduced you to our awesomesauce Cross Tab reports. This week we’re all about bringing you the cherry on top: customization…and more customization! 1. Custom Ordering of Fields You’re psyched you have so many options and can really record any data you want – we hear ya, it’s…

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LibAnalytics: Cross Tab Reports are here!

If you thought LibAnalytics was tasty, then our new awesome-sauce feature will blow your data tastebuds away! Cross Tab Reporting is like the umami of comparative statistics.  It enables you to see a full comparison between any 2 multi-choice fields, making it easy to identify interdependencies between the data you track. For…

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