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Introducing the LibAnswers FAQ!

We’re happy to announce a new way for you to get help with your LibAnswers questions – the LibAnswers FAQ! On this new site, you’ll be able to look for commonly asked questions and submit new questions that will be answered promptly by our Community & Training team.

Not sure what to expect from the FAQ? Here are a few questions that are in our system already…

Q: How do the SMS auto-responders work? What happens if someone texts us when our library is closed? (Answer)

Q: How do I add a LibAnswers search box to our home page? (Answer)

Q: What alert options are available to tell me when there’s a new question? (Answer)

We also want to let you know that we’ve given the LibGuides FAQ a face lift – it’s not just for LibGuides anymore! You can also find answers and submit questions about CampusGuides & CommunityGuides. To reflect our new purpose, we’ve renamed the site – it is now the Guide FAQ.

Want to see new questions and answers? Follow us on Twitter! You can also submit questions by tweeting @libanswersfaq or @guidefaq.

LibGuides & Learning Management Systems: Share Your Story!

There’s a conversation on the Springshare Lounge about integrating information from guides into learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle, &Desire2Learn. We know there are a lot of experts on this topic in the LibGuides community, so we’re reaching out to you! How are you integrating your LibGuides content into your LMS? Share your story in the Lounge, or in the comments below!

Here’s a few questions to help get the ball rolling:

  • What LMS does your school use?
  • How does your library gain access to your school’s LMS? (partnerships with faculty, direct access through IT, etc.)
  • What kind of content do you integrate into the LMS – Contact Information? Lists of databases? Etc.
  • What LibGuides tools – the API Utility, widgets, etc. – do you use to help streamline this process?
  • Tell us something you wish everyone knew about integrating content into an LMS
  • If other people have questions, can they contact you?

Tab Enhancement

A quick update – we’re rolling out a small enhancement to the public display of guides. If your guide only contains one page, the “Home” tab will no longer display in the public view. You’ll still see it when editing in admin mode, but your patrons will see a cleaner page view. A big thanks to everyone who requested this enhancement!

Monthly LibGuides Stats – December 2010

A relaxing December put a cap on a very exciting 2010, where our LibGuides community grew by 800 member libraries and over 11,000 librarians!  Thank you very much to all the LibGuides, CampusGuides, CommunityGuides, and LibAnswers users out there – it has been a pleasure working with all of you in 2010, and we look forward to another great year of collaboration and innovation!

Community Sites: 1802
Librarian Accounts: 27,069
Total Guides: 132,019
Total Pages: 856,025
Unique Visitors: 1.39 million
Page Views: 31.51 million