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CampusGuides Transform Librarians into Tech Innovators

Just as the librarians at Johnson & Wales University (Providence) found Springshare tools helped them earn a “Rock Star” status on campus, we’re pleased to report that another library recently earned kudos from their university community.  Nova Southeastern University Libraries won 1st place in the professional category of the university’s 12th Annual Technology Fair for their creative adaptations of CampusGuides for educational technology. We spoke with librarians Carrie Gits and Courtney Mlinar to learn how CampusGuides helped foster community and knowledge-sharing across campus.

Q: Tell us more about the technology fair…

The Office of Information Technologies & Digital Media coordinates an annual Technology Fair to promote the use of technology in the workplace. They solicit entries from faculty & staff (professional, administrative, & technology). The fair traditionally has a theme (this year it was be green, work green, go green, live green) and aims to highlight technology projects and recognize initiatives across the NSU campus.

Q: Congratulations on winning first place! Why do you think you won the award?

We have discovered the possibilities with CampusGuides are endless! The judging panel loved the idea of personalizing library resources for students or classes and that an assessment piece could be tied into the guide. The versatility of the box types and page editing settings allow the authors to create the best educational tools for the user’s needs.

We also feel that staff recognized how easy the tool was to use and that it really did help the libraries become more efficient and effective in creating “green” online instructional and subject specific material.

Q: How did you describe CampusGuides to the judges – what were some of the things you highlighted?

We promoted CampusGuides as an opportunity for future collaboration and personalization (i.e., course reserves module, librarian directory profiles, and adding faculty and students as content creators for their own guides). We highlighted the product’s ease of use, that staff with a variety of tech skills can easily build, create, and edit subject and curriculum-specific guides quickly.

The Health Professions Division Library is also migrating many of their web pages into CampusGuides – library staff appreciate this as they can be in control of their department’s content and update it easily, even if they don’t have staff with lots of web development skills.

Q: What was the reaction of the judges to CampusGuides?

We were able to show examples of how each library has collaborated with faculty and other campus departments to build guides that are customizable for their classes and student needs – the attendees and judges LOVED this! The judges perceived the tool as organic and student-centered, with areas where students or faculty could make comments, give feedback and rate the resources provided on the Guides. They even inquired about creating a Guide for their specific program of study or classes.

Q: What do you think you’ve gained from this experience?

As mentioned before, we promoted CampusGuides as an opportunity for future collaboration and personalization. Thanks to this increased visibility, librarians have opened more opportunities for future collaboration and personalization with faculty and students. Plus, with our prize winnings, we are throwing a CampusGuides Authors appreciation luncheon bash!

Springy Training Program

Have you met our Community & Training team? Cause we’re excited to meet with you! This month, thanks in large part to requests from the Springshare Community, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new training program! Whether you’re just starting out with a brand-new system, or you’re a seasoned vet who wants to know more about new product features, we’ve got a session that’s right for you.

Our new training program allows you to sign up for the training you want on a day & time that works for your schedule. Schedules alternate each week, so a “LibGuides Basics” session will be offered in a morning slot the first week, and an afternoon slot the second week. Check out our guide on the training program for the full schedule, or subscribe to our training session feed to stay up to date with upcoming sessions!

Please note: If you want to see what LibGuides/CampusGuides/LibAnswers is all about (but haven’t yet subscribed to our products), we offer weekly half-hour demos that will give you a great overview of each system. Check out our Demo Schedule for this week’s offerings!

Springy News – October 2010

The theme for our October newsletter is “mobile”! As a premier provider of useful (and cool) web apps for libraries we want to make sure we got your mobile needs covered as well. We released the mobile version of LibGuides, and the reviews have been uniformly great. We did not dive head first into mobile to get something out quickly – instead we carefully designed the mobile version from the ground up and it seems everybody loves it, which is music to our ears.

In fact, we are really excited that you are excited about LibGuides mobile, as this means everybody is going to love our upcoming mobile website builder tool! Creating mobile websites will be as easy and as fun as creating guides. We are putting the finishing touches on this new tool/module and will release it by year-end. The LibAnswers mobile interface is just about done and will be out by the end of the month.

The Newsletter also features an informative interview with the librarians at Johnson & Wales University Rhode Island Campus. They are doing some wonderful things with the LibAnswers SMS Module, and as a result their SMS Reference service is racking up huge usage numbers. No wonder Rosie (Dean of University Libraries) and her team are also known as the rock stars on campus!  Great job Rosie, keep it up. 🙂

Going forward, each edition of the newsletter will feature an interview with an existing Springshare customer who will share their advice, and tips and tricks from the field about how they are making a real difference in their community by using Springshare tools and apps…

Read the complete newsletter at

Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2010

In September the LibGuides community surpassed 50 million page views for the first time. Yikes – that’s a lot of page views!

Community Sites: 1663
Librarian Accounts: 24,499
Total Guides: 116,034
Total Pages: 748,598
Unique Visitors: 1.85 million
Page Views: 52.89 million