Introducing the “Best Of” LibGuides Website

We’re pleased to announce the website – a collection of what we think are the shiniest examples of LibGuides across all our client institutions. The best part is that all content on the Best Of site can be freely reused and shared (that’s one of the rules of being featured on the site – guide owners must be willing to let others reuse and copy their awesomeness). No need to reinvent the wheel, and this way everybody benefits from the collective wisdom of the tens of thousands of librarians who create content in LibGuides.

We are also working on having official prizes, automatic idea submissions, voting, etc. so the Best Of site will only get better – this is just the beginning of great things to come. We will be adding new content every time we find something that makes us go “Wow, this is a great guide”  (we always contact the guide owner first, to get their permission to feature their work). If you have suggestions for what type of content you want to see there, or if you want to submit your or your colleagues’ guides please let us know, we’re all ears –

So, there you have it – in a spirit of Valentine’s Day (a few days early but since Valentine’s is on Sunday we had to compromise a bit): Announcing the Sites We Love on the Day For Love – LibGuides Best Of, Check the site often because we will be adding new content every couple of weeks. You should also follow us on twitter – – as we will be tweeting the Best Of updates/additions as well.

As always, please send us your suggestions, ideas, kudos 😉 –


  1. janet Applegate says:

    hi – I get an error message when I try to access Is there a new page for V2? I am looking for a “best of” for Research Data Management.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Janet –
      That site was taken offline for a couple of reasons – 1) we’re retiring the v1 system, so this site was taken down, and 2) we have a shiny new LibGuides Community site that integrates all of the v2 systems, a great new search (both of guides and institutions), and a whole section of “Springy Picks”! You must ask permission to copy any guide in this system, however, so it differs from the “Best of” site in that way. We have not asked blanket permission for people to copy the items selected as Springy Picks – those are just guides / sites we like. If you want to use those (or any other) guides, you must first ask permission of the guide owner.
      Anna 🙂

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