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Serials Solutions – LibGuides A-Z List Management is Now Live!

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Serials Solutions import tool for LibGuides. This management tool enables our common subscribers to create Database A-Z LibGuides powered by the authoritative e-resource data from Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks.  If you subscribe to both LibGuides and any 360 services or Summon, you can now import your entire database list into LibGuides via an easy to use management screen!

For more information about the A-Z import process, please visit

We would like to thank the team at Serials Solutions, who were extremely helpful and responsive during the development of this new functionality, as well as the following LibGuides libraries who participated in the BETA program for this new feature: SUNY Westchester Community College, Grand Valley State University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Mississippi State University!

Visual Data Analyzer for LibAnswers Reference Analytics

We have a new, incredibly useful, report available for the LibAnswers Analytics module – the Visual Data Analyzer. It enables you to create custom X/Y Charts for any combination of metadata values, for even greater insight into how your reference service *really* works. Yes, you heard it right – now you can pick any two parameters in your reference tracking metadata (i.e. the stuff you decided to track and record for your reference transactions) and get a visual representation of the relationship between them, in real time.

For example, What is the breakdown of patron types who asked their question at the Reference desk? Check. How long did the transactions take at the Circulation desk? Check. For Undergraduate students, what is the distribution of Method for asking the question (live ref, sms, email, chat, etc)? Check. How about for Faculty? Check again. We can go on and on about the endless possibilities for using this cool new reporting tool – the only limits are your imagination and the number of metadata fields you track. Previously, this type of insight was only available to you if you were a master of excel pivot tables and were able to import your reference data into excel  and then spend hours messing with the pivot tables every time you waned  to see a new angle on your data.

Now, anyone can just log on to LibAnswers Analytics and with few clicks get beautiful charts for any combination of data *in real time*. If you couldn’t tell from the tone of this blog post, we are obviously super-excited about this new Analytics feature. Once you try it out we think you will be too. Simply select the “Visual Data Analyzer” option from the Analytics tab and off you go.

Big thanks to Anthony @ LaTrobe University (our long-time client) for giving us the idea for this feature and helping us implement it. We have the best clients in the world! Keep the good ideas and feature suggestions coming.

Monthly LibGuides Stats – December 2009

What a great way to end the year – with Charles Darwin University becoming LibGuides member library #1000.  Congratulations to all LibGuides sites for being part of such an amazing community of educators!

Community Sites: 1023
Librarian Accounts: 16,068
Total Guides: 66,703
Total Pages: 424,688
Unique Visitors: 792,496
Page Views: 19.6 million

Please Join Us for a Demo of LibAnswers

We have scheduled several online demos for Thursday and Friday of this week to introduce people to our exciting LibAnswers system.  What is LibAnswers you ask?  Well – LibAnswers is a web-based question-and-answer system and FAQ builder for libraries.  It enables patrons to search the knowledge base and ask questions from anywhere.  Our auto-suggest feature matches the patron’s question with an existing answer in the system, and they are automatically taken to the correct answer when a match is found.  LibAnswers also integrates with Twitter, LibGuides (of course!), and any chat widgets you may already be using at your library.

The demo sessions will be conducted via Voice Over IP, so you will need to have speakers to join the session.  We are not able to take questions during the presentations, so please send all questions to and indicate that you attended the webinar.

For more information about LibAnswers, please visit our website at

For a complete schedule of the upcoming webinars, please visit the Events section of the Springshare Lounge, at

We look forward to having you join us!

LibGuides Statistics Clean-up

Happy New Year to all the LibGuides admins, librarians and content creators around the world!  This quick blog post is to let you all know that the yearly statistics clean-up for LibGuides was performed this afternoon.  This annual maintenance ensures that our database and reporting engine are optimized and ready to support another record year of LibGuides usage!

For those of you who joined LibGuides in 2009 and have not gone through this process before, rest assured that no statistics information is lost during the clean-up process.  The only visible change is that the “views this year” count for your guides has been updated to reflect only the hits generated so far this year.

If you have any questions about the clean-up process, our LibGuides reporting engine, or what we all did for New Year’s Eve, please send us an email at  Thank you…and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2010!