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Embedding Wolfram Alpha Search Widget Inside your LibGuides

You have probably heard about Wolfram Alpha by now. It is a new search engine/technology – a “computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.” (quote from their website).  Some people think it’s the next big thing in search, others disagree, but one thing is true – it’s a neat technology. Recently, the folks behind it released the Wolfram Alpha widgets which can be embedded into any website to allow visitors to query the Wolfram Alpha search engine from anywhere.

We have prepared step-by-step instructions for embedding the Wolfram Alpha search widget into your LibGuides. You can find the instructions at the following url:


Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2009

With 1 million unique visitors generating a combined 30 million page views in the month of September, we think its safe to say that school is definitely back in session!

Community Sites: 914
Librarian Accounts: 15,288
Total Guides: 56,363
Total Pages: 356,204
Unique Visitors: 1.01 million
Page Views: 31.64 million