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A-Z Database Lists in LibGuides – Beta Testers Needed (Serials Solutions Users)

We noticed that many of our clients are creating A-Z Database Lists in LibGuides. So, we want to make it easier for you to create and maintain these guides, and to that effect we are close to finishing a major new enhancement called, well, A-Z Database List Management (not a lot of room for creativity on naming this).

This new functionality will help you create and manage A-Z lists, but most importantly it will enable you to import (and sync) existing lists from external sources, i.e. from the companies which provide A-Z list management tools. With the import function you won’t have to go thru the tedious process of entering these links manually in LibGuides – you’ll just select your A-Z provider, authenticate, and voila – the list will magically appear in LibGuides, in a separate A-Z guide.

We hope to be able to offer imports from many A-Z list providers eventually, but we are thrilled that our first partners in this endeavor are our good friends at Serials Solutions. We are at the stage where we would like to test this with a real-world data import, so if you are both LibGuides/CampusGuides client *and* Serials Solutions A-Z list client, please drop us a line at support at springshare dot com. You can help us import your data into the system and in the process we’ll iron out all the little issues that may come up.

So, again, if you use Serials Solutions A-Z product drop us a line – you won’t regret it 😉 – support at springshare dot com.

New Features for Subject Categories Pages

We’re excited to announce the new and expanded subject category functionality in LibGuides and CampusGuides. These changes are significant in both the UI sense (see below) but also in that they represent another step in opening up our platform to let you organize and track non-LibGuides resources. With this, LibGuides can (and should 😉 become your go-to platform for organizing any subject-specific resources you collect and have access to, regardless of whether they are created in LibGuides or somewhere else.

The new Subject Pages functionality is available in the System Settings -> Subject Categories page and it has the following new features:

  1. Add non-LibGuides resources to your subject page listings.Add a new subject resource
  2. The ability to manually reorder the listing of resources on a subject category page.
    This means you can decide which guide (or another resource) is listed at the top of the subject page, and in general you can control the order in which the guides appear on their respective subject listings.
  3. “Subject Experts” profiles on the subject pages.
    This is a pretty neat new feature as well – you can now add user profiles to specific subject category pages. You can add as many user profiles as you wish. For example, for Business category you can add all the Business subject specialists/business liaisons so the visitors will know who to contact for any Business-related research information.
    Subject Category PageOur long-time users may notice a change in the page organization. The “Browse by categories” box used to be in the right column, but now the right column is occupied by the Subject Experts profiles. The Browse categories functionality is available at the bottom of the page, as well as at the top via a dropdown menu.

Big thanks to our customers whose suggestions and feature requests gave us ideas which resulted in this new functionality.

Our goal is for LibGuides/CampusGuides to become the standard platform for publishing and organizing research information, and this new subject categories functionality is a big step towards the “organizing” part of the goal.

As always, we’d love to hear you comments, questions, and further suggestions.

Monthly LibGuides Stats – August 2009

August was a month that brought many new milestones for the LibGuides community, including:

– The addition of 70 new libraries – our largest single month increase ever!
– There are now more than 14,000 librarians actively using the LibGuides software.
– LibGuides now contains more than 50,000 individual research guides.
– The number of links added to the LibGuides community has now surpassed 1 million!

Community Sites: 870
Librarian Accounts: 14,251
Total Guides: 50,186
Total Pages: 317,865