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New LibGuides Features for Summer 2009

A large update was applied to the LibGuides servers last night that included many new features, optimizations, and other improvements.  Here are a few of the more noteable changes that were made:

  • RSS Feeds: Users can now subscribe to several different RSS feeds that contain information about content being added to LibGuides.  These feeds are setup to display information about a) content added to a specific guide, b) content added by a specific librairan/user, or b) content added to the entire system.
  • Guide Co-Owners:  You can now assign co-owners to a guide, which will cause the co-owners’ profiles to display on the guide along with the original guide owner.  In addition, the names of the co-owners will be listed after the guide creators name on the homepage, browse page, user profile page, etc.
  • User Submitted Link Moderation: To help reduce the chance of spam, user submitted links will not show up until they have been approved by a guide owner/editor or site admin.  In addition, the email address of the person who submitted the link will no longer be shown to the public and the submitter name is now optional.
  • Improved Search: The search engine has been updated so that guides with titles or descriptions maching the search term are returned first, with full-text matches included in a second set of results.

Here are a few of the smaller changes that were also included during this update:

  • Entires in the Date/Event boxes can now have an optional “End Date”.
  • The “secure/non-secure” prompt displayed when accessing the login page using Internet Exporer is now gone for most users.
  • When users enter a link that contains the proxy prefix in the link URL they will be asked if they want to use the proxy checkbox instead.
  • Added “Last Login” column to the account management screen.
  • Created a new statistics report that shows information for “All My Guides”.

If you have any questions or comments about these changes please feel free to send them to us via email or post them to the Springshare Lounge so they can be shared with the rest of the LibGuides Community.

Summer Updates

It has been a busy summer for us at Springshare, and we have a lot of exciting news to announce, so lets get to it!

Starting things off, the LibGuides Community has been growing at a record pace over the last few months.  We added 43 libraries in March, 52 in April, an astounding 57 libraries in May, and 31 through the first 1/3rd of June.  Just today we installed LibGuides member site #700 as part of the Elmbrook School District’s adoption of LibGuides, and we have many more libraries joining up before the end of the month.

We are in the final testing phases of the latest LibGuides update, which we hope to have copied out to the live servers within the next week.  This update contains many small improvements, as well as some long-requested features, all of which we will detail on the blog once the changes have been taken live.  Keep an eye out for that announcement in the next week or so.

The LibAnswers and CampusGuides beta systems are also getting some last minute improvements before we take them live.  We are looking foward to getting these new apps into the real-world as soon as possible, so be sure to watch this site for more information about the beta program.

Last but not least, we have received our booth assignment for ALA Chicago – come say hello at booth #2757 between July 11th and 14th.  We look foward to seeing you there!

Monthly LibGuides Stats – May 2009

Here are the most recent stats for the LibGuides community!

Community Sites: 678
Librarian Accounts: 11,383
Total Guides: 36,911
Total Pages: 231,365
Unique Visitors: 441,892
Page Views: 11,371,780