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LibGuides Look-and-Feel Upgrade

Great news to report – the production LibGuides servers have  been upgraded with a fresh new look for 2009.  We are very excited about this new version as it is the most complete update of the LibGuides look-and-feel since the original version was made available.

There are so many new features to announce that we have created a new LibGuides help system to contain all the information.  You can find a complete description of the new features at and information about how to customize your site at  In additon to the cleaner look, you will also notice that your LibGuides pages are loading much faster – this is all due to the streamlined design that we are announcing today.

2008 has been a banner year for LibGuides – our community grew nearly 5-fold, and we added more than 50 user-requested features to the system!.  But, as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Get ready for an even better 2009, with many new features and enhancements in store for THE online publishing system for libraries.   And don’t even get us started on our new project called Lib…well you might have to wait a few months to hear about that one – reference will never be the same 😉

Thank you to all our community members, especially the bloggers who helped get the word out in our early days, and all the rest of you who made LibGuides such a success in 2008.  We are eager to hear your questions, suggestions and comments about the new design – as always we are here to help, support {at} springshare dot com. 

See you next year!

User Experience Webinar Reminder

Just a reminder that the next session in our free webinar series is scheduled for today at 3pm Eastern.

User Experience Webinar 5 – The Search Is On: Why Labels Matter
Does is really matter how you label that guide, module, link or article?  What about the tags you use? Learn how simple things like labels can make a difference in search to drive traffic and return visits.

Please visit the Springshare Lounge for more information about how to attend this free online webinar.

Webinar #5 Postponed

Webinar #5 – originally scheduled for December 4th – has been postponed due to illness.  Please visit the event page on the Springshare Lounge for more information about the new date for this session.

Monthly LibGuides Stats – November 2008

Here are the most recent stats for the LibGuides community!

Community Sites: 428
Librarian Accounts: 7201
Total Guides: 21,553
Total Pages: 134,521
Unique Visitors: 354,656
Page Views: 8.79 MM