Poster Slot Available for LITA Forum Next Week

Jenny from UC San Diego posted the following message at the Springshare Lounge:

“This is kind of a shot in the dark, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If there’s anyone on this board from an institution that will have someone attending the LITA Forum next week in Cincinnati, a spot has opened up in the poster presentation session. We are trying to fill that spot and the planning committee is particularly interested in hearing from a site using LibGuides. If your organization is sending someone to LITA and would be interested, please contact Dale Poulter, chair of the Forum Planning committee ASAP. He can be reached at dale.poulter@Vanderbilt.Edu

If you are interested in presenting your library’s experience with LibGuides, please contact Dale and/or respond to Jenny’s post at the Lounge.  Thanks!

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