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Google Scholar Content Box & ‘Linked Pages’ Feature

Thanks to the continued (excellent) feedback from our clients, we are pleased to announce the availability of two new features in LibGuides:

1) Google Scholar Content Box. This content box enables users to search the Google Scholar database from LibGuides. The librarian can also create a “default query” for users of Google Scholar. The query will appear when the visitor loads the box. Since Google has not yet released the official API for Google Scholar we have to open search results in a new window for now, directly on Google site. As soon as Google releases the API we’ll be able to display the Scholar results inside the LibGuides content boxes.

 2) “Linked Pages” feature. Until now, a user could only make a plain copy of another page in the system to display on their guide. Let’s say I have a guide called “Research Basics” and, by using the “Copy Page From Another Guide” feature, I copy a page from Jane’s guide – her “Primary Sources” page. This makes an exact copy of her page inside my guide so that I can then change this “Primary Sources” page on my guide and tailor it to my needs.

With the new function we are introducing today, I can now also make a “linked copy” of Jane’s “Primary Sources” page, to show up on my guide. But, now if/when Jane changes the “Primary Sources” page on her guide, the changes will automatically show on my linked page as well. Pretty cool, huh?

As always, let us know what you think and keep the feedback coming…

Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2008

Here are the most recent cummulative stats for the LibGuides community.

Community Sites: 362
Librarian Accounts: 6218
Total Guides: 17,101
Total Pages: 112,669
Unique Visitors: 246,513

An important milestone was reached in the month of September – as a community, our members have now published over 100,000 pages of content within LibGuides!  Lucky page #100,000 can be found on Jeremy Cusker’s Operations Research and Information Engineering guide in the Cornell University LibGuides system.

I should also mention that the number of unique visitors to LibGuides more than tripled from August to September, and our total page views peaked at over 8 million for the month!  Its safe to say that school is definitely back in session, and the popularity of LibGuides is really taking off!