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OpenSearch Compliance and LibX Browser Bar Support

LibGuides is now OpenSearch compliant!  From the OpenSearch Wikipedia page: “OpenSearch is a collection of technologies that allow publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation. It is a way for websites and search engines to publish search results in a standard and accessible format.” What…

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New LibGuides Features, and Improved Community Site

Thanks to the (awesome) feedback and ideas from our client libraries LibGuides is getting better all the time. The latest round of feedback/ideas resulted in the 4 new features we just released. The new look for the Community Site (, with cleaner interface and the ability to browse guides by Subject. See…

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Honorable Mentions III

We have not highlighted a LibGuides related blog post in some time, but when we saw the post on the Gonzobrarian blog today, we couldn’t resist! One of the fruitions of my library’s attendance at a recent conference was to become more fully introduced to the increasingly popular service called…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – August 2008

Here are the most recent cummulative stats for the LibGuides community; over 20,000 content pages were added last month! Community Sites: 337 Librarian Accounts: 5782 Total Guides: 14,596 Total Pages: 90,180

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