New LibGuides Content Box Type – Feedback Box

We are excited to announce the availability of two new LibGuides content box types – the Feedback Box and the Google Books Search box (to be discussed in a separate blog post).

The Feedback box enables guide authors to “standardize” collection of feedback about their guides. The box is very simple to create – when adding a new box to your guide, simply select the “Feedback Box” from the list of available box types. This will create a box that looks something like this:

Size-wise, this is an ideal box for the side columns. Just like with every other box type, you can customize the intro text (e.g. the “Let us know what you think…” text in the screenshot above). You can not, however, customize the actual questions (3 questions) – we designed this box to be “short-and-sweet”, and standardized across all guides, because our experience and user testing shows that visitors are not as likely to provide feedback and suggestions if they have to fill out long forms. The shorter the form, the more chance people will respond. If you need to create elaborate feedback questions, you can always use our “Polls” box type to create custom polls.

The results of the user’s feedback are emailed to the guide owner (and to the page owner, if someone else other than the guide owner has created the page in question).

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