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LibGuides Integration with Twitter

We’ve achieved a lot of “firsts” in the Library software world in terms of web 2.0 stuff – LibGuides was one of the first commercial library software with a Facebook app (we now have three), among the first to integrate with, etc. Today I am pleased to announce another “first”…

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Issues With Accessing New Servers

After our server upgrade went as smoothly as possible (zero downtime for patrons), we were alerted today that several (5, to be exact) of our clients were not able to access the new servers. After scratching our heads and looking at the problem from every possible angle (I’d like to…

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LibGuides Community Members on a Map

Marc has created a pretty cool Google Maps mashup which shows the locations of all our LibGuides member libraries. Check it out at You can zoom in and out, and clicking on any blue push pins will reveal the institution name as well as their LibGuides URL.   The map…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – July 2008

Here are the most recent cummulative stats for the LibGuides community. Community Sites: 305 Librarian Accounts: 5152 Total Guides: 12,145 Total Pages: 69,929

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