“Remote Script” LibGuides Content Box

This is big! And exciting! We have added a new content box type, “Remote Script”, which enables those techies amongst you to embed external content right inside LibGuides boxes, in the same way that LibGuides displays rss feeds, for example. This means you can now write scripts (on your own server, in any programming language) to display any type of data, from any system, right inside the LibGuides box, without using iFrames or any other tricks. The content you display using your script will look just like any other LibGuides content. Pretty cool, huh? We thought so, too.

Remote Scripts Content Box

Best of all, since this “remote script” content box is just another box type in LibGuides, you can link to it, or copy it on any number of guides. For example, you can write a script that will pull the list of top databases from your library system, place that script inside the remote script content box and then link to that box on any other guide you (or others) create. Create-once-use-anywhere type of thing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your scripts (these are also mentioned in the help screen when adding the remote script inside the content box):

  1. Your content will be wrapped inside a div in the content box so make sure you properly close your divs. If you leave any divs open that could interfere with the rest of the boxes on the page.
  2. You do not need to have <body>, <head>, and similar tags in your script – just output the content you want displayed inside the box.
  3. Use absolute paths for any images and links inside your script. In other words, use href=yourdomain/yourpage.html instead of href=yourpage.html (the same is true for src= attributes).

We are very excited about this new addition to our content box options because it opens some pretty cool possibilities for mixing and matching outside content with the content in LibGuides, thus making LibGuides a true “one-stop-shop” so to speak, a place where your users can come and get information from many different sources/places (and ask you questions via your profile box if they are still confused).

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