LibGuides Sys Admin Toolbox

We released the first batch of useful utilities for LibGuides System Administrators. When you (the sys admin) log on to the main admin screen, you will notice a new option at the bottom – “Admin Toolbox” (see photo below).

Admin toolbox screenshot

The first 3 functions to be released are:

  • Display Emails of All Users – this function enables you to get a comma-delimited list of registered email account holders, so that you can easily paste this list into your email application. Handy for sending a bulk email notice to your users.
  • Change Guide Owner – when you need to switch owners for a particular guide.
  • Global Search and Replace (for Database URL changes) – this is a very powerful function so use with caution. It enables system administrators to perform a global search and replace for links in the system. The function is useful for changing the URL of databases in the system, for example. Note that the search and replace is only done for links contained in Simple Links and Info Links content boxes.

We will be adding more of these useful sys-admin functions so let us know what you’d like to see in there.


  1. tallgood says:

    These are really great features for admins. Thanks so much!

  2. l-wallis says:

    Many thanks. I’m so impressed by your responsiveness to customer requests. It’s really wonderful!

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