The New and Improved LibGuides Widgets

We’re pleased to announce the release of the new and improved LibGuides Widgets. Some of the new features are:

  1. Three different widget sizes. Small (190 pixels) – suitable for side bars on web pages; Large (400 pixels) – great for prominently featuring your guides; and Wide (500 pixels but only 200 pixels tall) – suitable for embedding into Blackboard pages.
  2. Menu options: You can pick whether you want to feature “New” and “Popular” guides on your widget, or whether you just want to display your Featured guides.
  3. Search the Library Catalog box is now optional. You can chose to display it on your widget, or not (not displaying it will save about 30 pixels from the widget height).
  4. Fully customizable widget colors. Choose from thousands of different colors for your widget – just enter the Hex RGB color value.
  5. You can put a randomly selected guide inside your widget. This option is great for advertising your LibGuides system – insert a random LibGuides widget onto your library website or your personal blog, for example.
  6. The new widgets are much smaller (only 10KB vs 50KB for the old ones) so they will load very fast.

We encourage all of our current users to convert their old widgets into the new format because the new ones are much more flexible and a lot faster.

We created a LibGuide with many examples of the new widgets in action. Check it out –

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