New Facebook Application – LibGuides Library

Facebook recently announced a new feature – Facebook Pages, which are customized “profiles” for bands, products, and organizations, including libraries. Pretty cool stuff – if your library doesn’t have a Facebook Page yet, you should create one. It’s a great way to build awareness and create library presence on Facebook.

We have developed a new Facebook app, called LibGuides Library, specifically for Library Facebook Pages. Once added to your library’s facebook page, it will provide a link to your LibGuides system, as well as invite users to add the LibGuides Facebook app to their profiles. As an added bonus, visitors to the library FB page will be able to search your library catalog.

Our newest Facebook app (we’re up to three now!) is a great way to advertise your LibGuides to the entire Facebook community, and to create awareness and drive traffic to your system. Install it today!

A big shout-out goes to Lisa Wallis, super-cool librarian at NEIU, for giving us the idea and providing feedback for this app. Here’s the link to NEIU’s Facebook Page, and below is a screenshot of the LibGuides Library app on its profile.

 Screenshot of LibGuides Library app

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