LibGuides Librarian Facebook app update

Good news for our librarians who have LibGuides Librarian Facebook app installed on their Facebook profile page. Namely, some of you have noticed that the list of your guides on FB profile does not update any more. Facebook has changed their API and as a result they cache all the profile content indefinitely.

Not to bore you with the technical details but we found a way around this issue. It’s not an ideal solution but it’s much better than the current way of having to uninstall the app and then install it again every time you want to update the list of your LibGuides on the Facebook profile page.

So, in the new version of the LibGuides Librarian Facebook app you will see the “update” link in the upper right corner of the app (on your profile). Just click this link to update the list of your guides (i.e. if you publish a new guide or delete one of the old ones).

Since we updated the application, you must remove the one you are currently using and then re-install it again to your Facebook profile.

As always, let us know what you think.

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