Tag Clouds & Sharing of LibGuides

We have added several important new features to LibGuides recently. Among them is the full integration with – a popular tagging and social bookmarking service. Librarians can quickly and easily add their tag cloud to LibGuides using a “ Tag Cloud Content Box”.

Simply enter your username and tell LibGuides how you want your tags displayed (see below) popup user box

With a few clicks, you get your shiny tag cloud displayed on the LibGuides page. Tag Content Box

The integration goes both ways – every visitor to LibGuides can save and share their favorite guides on, but also on Facebook, LibMarks, or send an email with the Guide link to a friend:

Save & Share Guides

Visitors to any Guide will find the “share or email” link next to the Guide Title – it is a folder icon displayed right next to the title of the Guide.


  1. khuenoway says:

    Hi, has a feature where you can bundle your tags. For example,if I’d like to group links that are related to tags LibGuides and Chemistry, I can create a bundle, say, named LibGuides_Chem, to group these bookmarks together.

    My question is:

    In Libguides, is there any way we can specify the tag cloud to the level of group bundles? I tried to put the # after the user name (for example smith#LibGuides_Chem and it did not seem to work.

    It would be such a chore that I have to create different accounts to group links for different subject guides. In my case, it would be 4 separate account for the geology guide, the chemistry guide, the physics, and the environmental science guide. Well, you get the point …



    • marcbertone says:

      Hello Khue – At the time that we created our Delicious box in LibGuides, the Delicious API did not support retrieving tag bundles, only the complete set of tags for a user. As such, it was not possible for us to retrieve one specific bundle to be displayed within LibGuides. I believe that since that time, Delicious did update their API to support bundles, so we should be able to add this feature to LibGuides during one of our upcoming code updates. I will make sure to add this to our feature request queue with a note that says to update this post once the feature has been coded. Thanks for the question / suggestion!

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