Adding Tables to a Rich-Text Box

It has always been possible to use tables within a Rich-Text box if you know how to hand-code HTML – a decidedly “Web 1.0” skillset.  To make this easier for the WYSIWYG crowd, we have added a new “insert table” button to the rich-text editor in LibGuides.  Here are the simple steps to insert tables into your boxes:

1) Click the new “insert table” button to open the table properties popup window:

2) In the new window, choose how many rows and columns of data you would like to have in your table.  This should be very familar if you have ever inserted a table into a Word document.  You can also choose how your table is displayed, by changing the border, padding, and more:

3) Click the “Insert” button to add an empty table to the text editor window.  As expected, you can type your text right into the table cells:

4) Click the “Save Changes” button, and your table will be saved to your box:

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