Archive for July 22, 2007

Using Templates When Creating Guides

We have added a new option for users creating a new Guide in LibGuides. Now you can choose to copy the style (and content) from an existing Guide and then work from there, rather than starting with a blank/empty Guide.
When you click on the “Create New Guide” link on the main admin page, you will see a new option – “Use Template From” and then a dropdown box of all current Guides in the system. You can pick the default “I want to start fresh” option, which will create a blank Guide, or select one of the existing Guides to copy its style and data into this new Guide you’re creating.

This new feature gives librarians the ability to create templates for new Guides in the system. This can speed up the creation of new content in LibGuides, and help preserve the uniform structure and form for Guides, if desired.

Friendly URLs in LibGuides

We heard you – you wanted “friendlier” urls for your Guides. When you are talking to patrons (or need to put the Guide url on paper) it would be neat if your Guide could have a simple url, like http://libguidesdomain/education (for your Guide about Education resources) or http://libguidesdomain/comm230 (for your comm230 course Guide).

Now you can do just that! Here’s how: On your Guide admin page, click on the “status” link (next to the Guide title) and you will be able to define a custom url shortcut for this Guide. The only trick is that you can’t have the same url shortcut for two different guides on the same domain (i.e. at your library), so act fast before someone takes the keyword that you wanted so bad!

Here are few examples of friendly LibGuides urls:

The image below shows the location of the friendly/custom url option on your Guide admin page. Enjoy!

Reusing Content in LibGuides

We have launched another important feature in LibGuides – the ability to make an exact copy of any content box in the system. This way you can add or modify the copied box without affecting the original. This new feature, in addition to the ability to link to boxes, speeds up the process of creating new Guides and pages – you can simply link to any previously created box in the system, or you can create an exact copy and then make changes/additions to it.