LibGuides Widgets!

LibGuides widgets are the latest innovation that Springshare is bringing to the library world. We live and breathe this stuff so forgive the enthusiasm, but LibGuides widgets will truly open new avenues for distributing your library content and services, and for connecting with patrons.

LibGuides widgets are customizable flash-based components which display any LibGuides content you pick, including the most recent, and the most popular Guides in the system. These widgets can be easily embedded into any webpage, blog, social network, or courseware system. You insert them to a page in the same way you’d insert a YouTube video, or a meebo chat widget.

Log on to your LibGuides admin page, click on the “Widgets” tab, customize the size, colors, select which Guides you want inside the widget, and that’s it! Create as many widgets as you want, and embed them anywhere! As an added bonus, at the bottom of every widget is a search box enabling users to search your library catalog.

Can it get any cooler than that? Not until the next thing we cook up in Springshare labs. Try out the LibGuides widgets and let us know what you think. Be honest. Especially if you like them as much as we do! Here is more information about the widgets.

A widget is worth (at least) a 1,000 words, so check out a sample widget below.

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