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User Comments in LibGuides

An exciting new feature is now available in LibGuides – user comments! Visitors to your Guides can leave comments on pages within your Guide, as well as comments inside individual boxes. As the Guide creator you can enable/disable comments on any page/box. By default, whenever your create a new page or a new box, the comments are enabled. In addition, Guide owners can also delete individual user comments.

Dynamic Scripting Inside LibGuides Boxes

You can now embed javascript and/or dynamic html code inside the LibGuides content boxes. When you open the rich text editor inside any content box, click on the “html” icon in the toolbar – that will open a small popup window where you can paste your javascript (or other dynamic html) code.

LibGuides Widgets!

LibGuides widgets are the latest innovation that Springshare is bringing to the library world. We live and breathe this stuff so forgive the enthusiasm, but LibGuides widgets will truly open new avenues for distributing your library content and services, and for connecting with patrons.

LibGuides widgets are customizable flash-based components which display any LibGuides content you pick, including the most recent, and the most popular Guides in the system. These widgets can be easily embedded into any webpage, blog, social network, or courseware system. You insert them to a page in the same way you’d insert a YouTube video, or a meebo chat widget.

Log on to your LibGuides admin page, click on the “Widgets” tab, customize the size, colors, select which Guides you want inside the widget, and that’s it! Create as many widgets as you want, and embed them anywhere! As an added bonus, at the bottom of every widget is a search box enabling users to search your library catalog.

Can it get any cooler than that? Not until the next thing we cook up in Springshare labs. Try out the LibGuides widgets and let us know what you think. Be honest. Especially if you like them as much as we do! Here is more information about the widgets.

A widget is worth (at least) a 1,000 words, so check out a sample widget below.

LibGuides Facebook application (finally) listed in the official FB Apps directory

As of this Sunday afternoon LibGuides Facebook application has been listed in the Facebook Application Directory, under the “Education” category. Big thanks to Gerry and Ken for pointing librarians directly to the LibGuides facebook home, while we were waiting for the application to be listed in the directory. Now anyone can find it by searching for “LibGuides” inside facebook, or by browsing to the “Education” section of the application directory.

New Drag and Drop functionality in LibGuides

We have rolled out several exciting new features which enable you to have more control over organizing the content on your Guides. Many of you wanted more ways to order items, rather than just displaying things alphabetically. You asked, we delivered!

  1. You can now reorder the tabs on your guide with a simple drag-and-drop interface, by clicking on “add/edit” link (the same link you use to add new tabs/pages). You will notice a new option – “Reorder”, which will enable you to reorder your tabs any way you want.
  2. You can reorder boxes on the page by moving them between columns, and moving boxes from one page to any other page on the same Guide. Simply click on “Page Options -> Reorder Boxes” (this option appears next to the page title – not the guide title, but page title!)
  3. You can order web links within a link content box. When you have more than 2 links inside your box, at the bottom of the box you will see the “Reorder Links” option. Simply click it and reorder your links any way you want, including listing them alphabetically.

Of course, all three of these options utilize hyper-cool drag and drop interface. Try it out.

The cat is out of the bag!

It has been a busy and exciting few days here at Springshare, as LibGuides and LibMarks were mentioned on the popular DIG_REF user group. 

Thanks to the following people who reviewed our new applications on their blogs!

Gerry from the “Engaged Library Services” blog:

Ken from the “Tracking Changes/Changing Tracks” blog:

“Ratcatcher” from the “tunaiskewl” blog:

We are very much looking forward to hearing from the rest of you all as well, so keep the comments and discussions coming.