Archive for May 20, 2007

Spell Check Now Available in LibGuides

Over the weekend we upgraded the production server to LibGuides version 1.05. The new version has a streamlined user interface, but the biggest new feature is the spell check functionality built into the rich text editor.

When the text editor window pops up, the spell-check icon is the last one on the right side of the editor toolbar. Just click it, and the system will spell check your text and underline (in red) the misspelled words. Click on the word and you’ll get a list of suggestions for correct spelling, enabling you to fix the error. Enjoy!

LibGuides now supports tagging!

We are pleased to announce that LibGuides now fully supports tagging of Guides. When you create a new Guide you can associate any number of tags with it. At the top of the screen, below Guide description you will see a new option – Tags. Click on add/edit to add tags to your Guide.

The LibGuides homepage now features a tag cloud, listing most popular tags. Users can search Guides by individual tags.

Introduction to LibGuides

For all users who are creating Guides (and those who want to, but haven’t started yet – what are you waiting for?), we have created the Introduction to LibGuides guide which explains everything you need to know to get started with LibGuides. Enjoy!

For LibGuides System Administrators

If you are the administrator of LibGuides at your institution, we have posted a useful Guide to get you started on administering the system. The Guide can be found here.